Organically certified sea vegetables

ALGAMAR’s sea vegetables are expressly CERTIFIED AS AN ORGANIC FOOD by the European Regulation Control Authority (EC Regulation No. 710/2009)

Algamar presents its native algae, dried using a traditional, safe method of preservation learned from the peoples and cultures that eat sea vegetables.

Dried algae keep in perfect condition for many years and are easy to transport and store at room temperature.

Algamar dries its sea vegetables at a low temperature to preserve the maximum nutritional value.

The white stains that sometimes appear on the algae are not mould, but the seaweed’s salts that come to the surface and act as natural preservative.

All Algamar’s sea vegetables grow on the Atlantic Coast, although some of them have the names of their Asian counterparts. This is the case of Nori, Wakame, Kombu and Agar agar. The reason for this is that those Atlantic sea vegetables that were already known on the international market keep their oriental name in order to prevent confusion, even though they are grown on our coasts. The sea vegetables that are specifically from the Atlantic have European names: Sea Spaghetti, Dulse (a Gaelic name) and Carrageen (Irish Moss).

The white stains that sometimes appear on the algae are not mould but their own salts that come to the surface and act as a natural preservative.

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