Dulse (Palmaria) – 100g y 50g

100 g = Complement for 20 portions

Already known to the ancient Celts, its rich vitamin C content helped to prevent scurvy among ancient seafarers. It is also notable for its protein and exceptional potassium content. Reddish in colour, it brightens up salads and snacks, even without prior soaking. Its delicate flavour and aroma make it one of the best sea vegetables to eat raw or in soups.

Instructions for use:

  • Uncooked: add to salads (cut into pieces and soak for 2 minutes)
  • Cooked: for soups and quick dishes, just blanch or add towards the end of cooking. Vegetables, oatmeal soup, noodles, couscous, omelettes, polenta, millet, quinoa.

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