Sea Spaghetti (Himanthalia) – 100g y 50g

100 g = Complement for 20 portions

The name of this exuberant brownish-grey sea vegetable comes from its narrow, elongated shape. It is very tasty and common in coastal depths and rough waters. Rich in fibre, it is notable for its high iron content and taste reminiscent of cuttlefish. It can be eaten both raw and cooked and its texture and flavour make it one of the most popular Atlantic sea vegetables and perhaps that with the most personality.

Instructions for use

  • Uncooked: cut, soak for 30 minutes and add to salad.
  • Cooked: boiled with other vegetables or steamed 20-30 min, or with rice, casseroles, fried dishes, pizzas and as pie fillings.
  • Fried: in batter (like calamares). First blanch, coat in batter, fry and sprinkle with lemon juice.

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