Agar-Agar in Strips (Gelidium) – 50g

50g = Garnish for 20 portions

It is the highest quality sea gelatin. It is the soluble fiber extracted from the gelidium sesquipedale seaweed, this gelatin has a neutral flavour. Because of its great purity it is also used in research (microbiology). 100% Vegetable. It has a saciant flavour and it is poor in calories.

How can we consume it?

  • To make gelatin: Boil 9 strips (2-3 grams) per 1/2 liter of liquid (water, milk, smoothies, jams, soups or puree) for 15 min. Allow to cool in a mold.
  • For puddings consistency: 9 strips per one liter. Allow it cool.
  • In a desserts: once boiled, put hot in molds with chopped fruit, pies, puddings, creams, sorbets. Allow it cool.
  • Salty Dishes: to thicken vegetable soups, sauces, puree, salty cakes.
  • In salads: soak the strips for a few minutes and add.
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