Innovation is Algamar’s middle name and there can be no better proof of this than its new appetisers with sea vegetables. This new format allows you to enjoy the many beneficial properties of sea vegetables in a most unusual version. You’ll be quickly won over by these new appetisers. They reinvent the hour of the aperitif or any snack as they are gluten-free and not fried, which makes them a healthy way to consume sea vegetables.

There are endless ways to enjoy these appetisers, especially if you like dips or spreading different sauces or pâtés. Are you ready to surprise your palate with this delicious new product from Algamar?


You’ll find these appetisers in two versions that are both tasty and well balanced. On the one hand, you have pea, spinach and sea lettuce appetisers, and on the other, lentil appetisers with wakame. Both will surprise you with their crunchiness and the fact that they go really well with different sauces. Of course you can eat these tasty morsels on their own but we at Algamar invite you to combine them with very simple but successful recipes, such as guacamole or hummus, and to experiment with other ingredients or perhaps pâtés. In fact, you’ll find the perfect partners in our vegetable hummus with wakame, red pesto with nori or vegetable pate with sea vegetables and shiitake.

This new alternative in the wide range of Algamar products is a delicious and original way to enjoy the properties of sea vegetables and very simple as they are ready to eat. These sea vegetable snacks are made with organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly ingredients. But it’s not only the ingredients that make these sea vegetable snacks stand out. They’re not fried so they contain hardly any fat, but they do have lots of flavour!

BIO Appetisers with Sea Vegetables – Lentils with Wakame 30 g

This appetiser contains the following ingredients: lentil flour*, potato starch*, potato flour*, wakame sea vegetable*, water, extra virgin olive oil* and salt. *Organic production.

BIO Appetisers with Sea Vegetables – Peas, Spinach and Sea Lettuce 30 g

This appetiser contains the following ingredients: lentil flour*, potato starch*, potato flour*, dried pea*, Ulva seaweed*, water, dried spinach*, rosemary*, extra virgin olive oil* and salt. *Organic production.

Try these delicious new sea vegetable snacks from Algamar and then don’t wait a moment to share them. They’ve been created to be enjoyed by everyone!

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