Algamar Biodiversity Award 2009

ntrepreneurs, Leadership and Innovation
Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs

ALGAMAR’s founders, Clemente and Fermín Fernández Sáa, received the BIODIVERSITY Entrepreneurs Award 2009 from the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs in recognition of their work and their example as a model of innovation and solidity in the respectful management of natural resources. The “powerful demonstrative effect of the project in inspiring other initiatives” was also valued.

The news was announced by the Ministry’s press office and published in the media. The following is the text published by the Ministry on October 15, 2009:


The Minister of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Elena Espinosa, today presented the Biodiversity Foundation Awards.

Prizes were awarded in the “Leadership and Innovation” category to projects that make a decisive contribution to innovation as applied to the sustainable management of natural resources. The work of the entrepreneurs Clemente and Fermín Fernández Sáa was specifically highlighted for their project of harvesting and preparing of sea vegetables for human consumption in Galicia, known as Algamar, which they have been carrying out since 1996. The jury emphasised their contribution to the diversification of sustainable economic activities linked to the sea.