The sustainable harvesting of sea vegetables guarantees respect for the marine ecosystem

As a result of our firm ecological commitment, the sustainable harvesting of sea vegetables guarantees respect for the marine ecosystem. This method of collecting sea vegetables joins the rest of the strategies that characterise ALGAMAR, such as high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, biomass boilers and our new plastic-free packaging.

Our wild sea vegetables are harvested by hand from the rocks and underwater by expert divers. They are selected and cut at the optimum moment, just as the plants have reached their maximum splendour and just before they wilt.

The whole laborious harvesting process is regulated and guaranteed by the “Algae Harvesting Plan” which has the approval of the Fisheries Authority and is published annually in the Official Gazette of Galicia (DOGA). This plan guarantees that the resources extracted from the sea are renewable and that the equilibrium of the ecosystem is maintained.

Throughout our career as pioneers in sea vegetables, we have always been guided by our passion for the sea. Our struggle against climate change and respect for nature have led us to include among ALGAMAR’s objectives a firm commitment to reduce the impact of our activity throughout the production process, from the harvesting of the sea vegetables to the moment they reach your table.

Wild sea vegetables constitute a natural resource that occurs in abundance and is renewed every year, in other words it is a stable and sustainable food. At ALGAMAR we believe it is essential to protect this renewable resource and not leave a mark on the environment.

pasta de guisantes con algas algamar